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Annabel’s Atlas

Monthly travel blog from Avenue's Director

Costa Rica Cool

I had been intrigued by the area of Santa Teresa in Costa Rica ever since two fabulous Swedish ex-models, Anna Wachmeister and Carlotta Meadows sent me their stunning beachfront properties to represent.

Marrakech Music

If I was to describe a city as a colour, then Marrakech would be red, a bold bright red.

New York Never Sleeps

New York never sleeps, that’s why it’s my favourite place for a long weekend as I can pack so much in.  

Party in Provence!

I first came to this extraordinary Provencal hamlet, ‘Le Grand Banc’ when I was eighteen, by mistake, an interloper.  

Pottering on Portobello

The Portobello Road starts in Notting Hill and runs for a mile parallel to Ladbroke Grove.  

Enticed by Iceland

I must have slept through all my geography lessons. I don’t know why geography has to be taught in such a stultifying, boring fashion.  

Seville on Speed

I know this title may sound a contradiction in terms, well it certainly was for me from a previous visit.  

Timeless​ Trasierra ​

We stumbled into Trasierra at two am after an exhausting day in Seville.  

Soaked in San Sebastián

I had barely given this trip a thought, as my American friend had for over a month researched exhaustively every part of the Basque region, leaving no stone unturned.  

Portofino Perfect

Portofino is truly perfect, I will tell you why.  

My Reading List

For me, a good book is like a secret lover. At various points in the day thoughts lurking in the back of mind weave their way to the front of my consciousness, a photographic image, slightly cloudy, out of focus, comes forward, beckoning.   

Chalet Pelerin

I am so lucky, I learnt to ski as a child, hence reducing the majority of those crashing, terrifying falls which happen when adults start later in life, nervy and stiff and already with an inferiority complex and embarrassed, as experienced skiers tend to be patronising to those who aren’t up to scratch.  

Insiders Ibiza

I have been going to Ibiza for years and I have learnt by my mistakes, the main one is making too many plans and being in a car for hours on end to go and meet up with people that you are actually going to see in Notting Hill Gate two weeks later.  

Comporta Calm

I have been wanting to go to Palacio Belmonte, a boutique hotel in Lisbon, for three years, having been sent their tantalizing, very eccentric website, which consisted of haunting piano music with laughter in the background and 17th century tiled walls depicting rather louche looking ladies smoking cigars.  

Dreaded Detox

My daughter told me two weeks ago with great authority that January was a terrible month for detoxing.  

Mallorca Magic

“It’s paradise… if you can stand it.” was Gertrude Stein’s response to Robert Graves’ enquiry.  

Letter From LA

As we cruise in over the flats of LA and the flight attendant announces the local time in Los Angeles…  

Christmas in the Cotswolds

I don’t know if I am alone in feeling this but I have an invisible thread, in fact a strong rubber band that yanks me back at Christmas to the place where I was born.    

Le Preverger

St Tropez has always been associated with Brigitte Bardot’s pouting lips and polka dot bikini.  


I have clients who are passionate about Capri, so in March this year I was persuaded to go.  

Call to Hydra

Hydra has always been visited by people in the know. But if you are a die hard fan of Mykonos, they couldn’t be more different, so read no further.