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insiders Ibiza

insiders Ibiza

9th August 2016

I have been going to Ibiza for years and I have learnt by my mistakes, the main one is making too many plans and being in a car for hours on end to go and meet up with people that you are actually going to see in Notting Hill Gate two weeks later.

So decide which part of the island you want to stay in and don’t try and cram too much in or you will come home exhausted – as its guaranteed that when you get to that restaurant to meet your friends there won’t be enough room or all the sun beds will be taken and rage will rise.

Also it’s easy to overspend by hiring drivers to ferry your teenagers around at night, as the fear that they will drift from one nightclub to another and then not find a taxi or the villa is so alarming that you will be up all night worrying.

Also try to avoid overpaying for boats by leaving it to the last moment to book them.

In fact I would just NOT go to Ibiza if you have teenagers who are in that middle period of not being children and not adult enough to drink and “all their friends except them are allowed to go to clubs apparently so why aren’t they and why are you SO mean” and that’s when the rows begin.

So I have learnt to keep life very simple on my Ibiza trips.

Obviously if you are a small party, you can be spontaneous, but on my holiday right now there are 17 of us between the ages of 6 and 66 so planning is essential!

Ibiza has changed beyond all recognition since the 60’s when artists and hippies came looking for nirvana. These original pioneers tend to live in the north as do people who live in Ibiza all year round.

So if you want tranquility and little coves to swim in around Portinax and the odd outing, then rent a villa in the north. It’s also where all the spiritual types tend to congregate. Don’t miss the fevered Sunday sunset drumming/dancing sessions at Benirass.

If you want to be in the thick of things, near all the fancy beach clubs and Ibiza town then choose a villa around Porroig or Es Cubells in the South and if you want privacy and to be within easy reach of everything, my favourite village is Santa Gertrudis in the centre of the island.


Choose a beach club that you like with a great restaurant and go often to the same one. Familiarity is reassuring..

ES CHRINQUITO is fabulous, make sure you pre-order beach beds in advance of your holiday.

ES COLERA is a well kept secret, it’s very cool and has a more hippy vibe.

The BEACH HOUSE is great – I would definitely make this my first choice, again pre-order beach beds in advance of your holiday.

COTTON BEACH CLUB, there are two of these club, go to the one near Santa Antonio – not the new one.


ES TORRENT has a famous beach fish restaurant- with small clothes shop – A must try once.



MACOU as everyone congregates here, always book a table well inadvance.

LA PALOMA is absolutely charming, I like having dinner in the exotic garden, it has a cute little shop.



LA GRANJA is new. I haven’t tried this out yet, but have heard good things.


SLUIZ has everything, clothing, furniture, glassware, beach towels. I always come away with a lot of ideas from this shop. But be careful, what looks great in Ibiza doesn’t always work in the Cotswolds on a grey day.

GALERIE ELEPHANTE is a favourite of mine. The owner has great taste.


ViINCENTE GANESHA is a celebrity secret. Vincente has a mix of vintage, eccentric and one off great pieces.

HOLA VINTAGE is worth dropping into, both shops are in the centre of Ibiza town. It’s also worth walking up to the old fort and having a drink at sunset.


LAS DALIAS in San Carlos, happens several times a week. Allow a few hours, as the whole family will love this charming market. You can also eat there, masses of healthy restaurants and you can get great juices. Go in the early morning or early evening or you will faint from the stifling kind of heat that makes you feel sick.


If you just want a small boat to do water sports, go up the west side of the island, Hayden and his Ibiza Bay Liner is perfect. Contact me for Hayden’s number.


If you want a big boat then contact me for the best concierge on the island. If you want tables at nightclubs, restaurants, beach bars at impossibly short notice then this is the concierge for you – There is nothing that can’t be arranged actually.

New places spring up all the time and this concierge team know everything great that is happening and worth going to.


We are just about to take on Hotel Na Xamena, this fabulous glamorous hotel (splash out, take the big suite, you won’t regret it) has an amazing spa and direct sea access.

I also like gentle Can Gasi, great for a weekend break and also has a soothing, womb like spa.


It really is worth having a whole day out on a boat and going to Formentera for the day and stopping at the mud baths on the way back. They are mineral baths, black and they stink but they are great for the skin!

TIBERON is good for teenagers

ES MOLI is considered the best restaurant, but it’s pricey.

Another great restaurant is TEN POINT 7, but it’s not accessible by boat.


Amanda Tizard, I use in London and Ibiza. Instinctive, sensitive and strong, both men and women love her massages. She will come to your house and do about four at a time if necessary. Her mobile is +447967300806


Any country that relies on the tourist season to make it’s yearly earnings has a set price, so come from a strong position and be willing to walk away from obvious rip off vibes that you get. Also don’t walk around with flashy jewelry on, you are just asking for trouble.


We visit Ibiza every year, adding to our already extensive collection.

Whether our clients want ultra- modern villas with sea access to more traditional fincas, we feel confident that we can access to all the most fabulous houses on the island.

Many of our owners prefer to have their houses in our private collection, so just contact us and we will send a superb selection to discuss with you, which is password protected. Otherwise please see a selection of our properties under the Balearic island tab.

Please enquire here for access to the full collection

However here is a selection of some of our favourites:

Can Zamar

Casa La Vista


Farm Estate


Explore our collection of beautiful villas and traditional fincas in Ibiza. 



Annabel Brooks

Annabel has toured the globe to source the incredible properties in Avenue's collection. Throughout her travels she has discovered best kept secrets, her personal recommendations and has documented these experiences to share with Avenue's clientele.